Episode 82: Jimmie Powell

Photo by Kathleen Jo Ryan.


94 year-old, third generation rancher Jimmie Powell shares stories from a lifetime of ranching in West Texas. Jimmie discusses raising sheep and cattle, ranching conservation practices, his friendship with Elmer Kelton, and…

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Episode 79: John Lacey

Third-generation California rancher and Golden Spur Award recipient John Lacey talks about his grandfather first coming to the Owens Valley in 1870, the values he learned from his father, raising Quarter Horses, and the challenges in the future for…

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Episode 76: Trinity Seely

Singer/songwriter Trinity Seely talks about growing up in the remote Chilcotin country of British Columbia, working on ranches in Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Montana, becoming the Director of the Horse Program at The Thatcher School, and conveying emotion…

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Episode 75: Dr. Charles "Bud" Townsend (Part 2)


Part 2 with rodeo announcer, boot salesman, history professor, and writer Dr. Charles "Bud" Townsend. In this episode Dr. Townsend talks about teaching history, how rodeo influenced his academic career, and how he became a salesman with…

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Episode 74: Dr. Charles "Bud" Townsend (Part 1)

Dr. Charles Bud Townsend shares stories from a lifetime as a rodeo announcer, boot salesman, history professor, and writer. Tune in to hear about his family history, how he became a rodeo announcer, and the story of writing…

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Episode 73: Linda Davis

Fourth-generation rancher Linda Davis talks about growing up on the Tequesquite Ranch in the 1930s, becoming a part of the Bell Ranch cowboy crew as a 5 year old, and spending her life on the historic CS Ranch…

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Episode 72: Dale Burson

Rancher and musician Dale Burson talks about his deep ranching roots, his love of the ranching lifestyle, playing music with his kids, the cowboy code, and the rich musical traditions of the Texas panhandle.


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Episode 71: Buster Welch

Photo by Jay Dusard. 

Legendary cutting horse trainer Buster Welch talks about his family history and childhood in Sterling City, Texas, leavinghome at 14 to work for the Proctor Ranch in Midland, Texas, and shares stories and…

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