Cowboy Recitations: CD
  • Cowboy Recitations: CD
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$20 plus $5 shipping. Andy's first album of cowboy poetry in over 15 years!

  1. Some Cowboy Brag Talk (Traditional)
  2. Bruin Wooin’ (S. Omar Barker)
  3. The Rodeo Hand (Peter La Farge)
  4. An Old Western Town (Bruce Kiskaddon)
  5. The Pot Wrassler (Curley Fletcher)
  6. The Hell-Bound Train (Traditional)
  7. The Hatchet Man (Dr. Guy Standard)
  8. The Married Man (Charles Badger Clark)
  9. On Finding Someone (Joel Nelson)
  10. Bad Job (Buck Ramsey)
  11. The D-2 Horse Wrangler (D.J. O’Malley)
  12. The Red Cow (Larry McWhorter)
  13. J.B. Allen, Draggin’ Calves (Andy Wilkinson)
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