Cowboy Recitations: CD
  • Cowboy Recitations: CD
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$20 plus $3 shipping. Andy's first album of cowboy poetry in over 15 years!

  1. Some Cowboy Brag Talk (Traditional)
  2. Bruin Wooin’ (S. Omar Barker)
  3. The Rodeo Hand (Peter La Farge)
  4. An Old Western Town (Bruce Kiskaddon)
  5. The Pot Wrassler (Curley Fletcher)
  6. The Hell-Bound Train (Traditional)
  7. The Hatchet Man (Dr. Guy Standard)
  8. The Married Man (Charles Badger Clark)
  9. On Finding Someone (Joel Nelson)
  10. Bad Job (Buck Ramsey)
  11. The D-2 Horse Wrangler (D.J. O’Malley)
  12. The Red Cow (Larry McWhorter)
  13. J.B. Allen, Draggin’ Calves (Andy Wilkinson)
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Cowboy Songster Vol. 2 : CD
  • Cowboy Songster Vol. 2 : CD
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Track listing:

  1. Ragged but Right
  2. Into the West
  3. Clayton Boone
  4. Get Along Little Dogies
  5. Charlie Rutledge
  6. Walkin' Down the Line
  7. Nobody's Dirty Business
  8. Spike Driver's Blues
  9. Ace in the Hole
  10. Button Willow Tree
  11. Old Texas/Lonesome Road Blues
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Cowboy Songster : CD
  • Cowboy Songster : CD
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Track listing:

  1. Diamond Joe
  2. Down South on the Rio Grande
  3. Old Chisholm Trail
  4. Black Snake Moan
  5. West Texas Blues
  6. Boll Weevil
  7. Roving Gambler
  8. Chuck-Wagon Blues
  9. Wild Buckaroo
  10. James Alley Blues
  11. You're Gonna Quit Me
  12. The Bronc that Wouldn't Bust
  13. The Brazos River Song
  14. Ye Objects of Sense/Song of Texas
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All music can be downloaded from iTunes. Click album covers for links.


Cowboy Recitations (2017)

Some Cowboy Brag Talk
Bruin Wooin'
The Rodeo Hand
An Old Western Town
The Pot Wrassler
The Hell-Bound Train
The Hatchet Man
The Married Man
On Finding Someone
Bad Job
The D-2 Horse Wrangler
The Red Cow
J.B. Allen, Draggin' Calves

Cowboy Songster Vol. 2 (2016)

Ragged but Right
Into the West
Clayton Boone
Get Along Little Dogies
Charlie Rutledge
Walkin' Down the Line
Nobody's Dirty Business
Spike Driver's Blues
Ace in the Hole
Button Willow Tree
Old Texas/Lonesome Road Blues

Cowboy Songster (2013)

Diamond Joe
Down South on the Rio Grande
Old Chisholm Trail
Black Snake Moan
West Texas Blues
Boll Weevil
Roving Gambler
Chuck-Wagon Blues
Wild Buckaroo
James Alley Blues
You're Gonna Quit Me
The Bronc That Wouldn't Bust
The Brazos River Song
Ye Objects of Sense/Song of Texas

The Outlands (with Andy Wilkinson, 2012)

The Outland Trails
The Crooked Trail
The Old Chisholm Trail
Old Jefferson and Me
Sporting Cowboy
The Mustang's Song
The Poet's Catch Rope
Whiskey Bill
Cowgirl's Lullaby
Saddle Bum
The Rodeo Hand
You Can't Go Home
Beggars Would Ride
Come See Me
The Outland Trails

Mining the Motherlode (with Andy Wilkinson, 2011)

Approaching the Llano Estacado
Cradle of the Wind
Farm Relief
Down On Penny's Farm
Dust Can't Kill Me
Dust Pneumonia Blues
Old-Timey Heart
Sandstone Champagne
Mining the Motherlode
Dollars for December
The Jolly Banker
No Room for the Big Shots
Lloyd's Coutnry Store
My Brown Uneven Teeth
This River Don't Burn
No Depression

Long Ways from Home (with Andy Wilkinson, 2010)

Everybody Ought To Treat A Stranger Right
Rambler Gambler
Let the Mermaids Flirt With Me
Mole in the Ground
Tell Me How
West Texas Blues
Boll Weevil
A Home For Me

Welcome to the Tribe  (with Andy Wilkinson, 2009)

Welcome to the Tribe
Wild West Rambler
The Dreary, Dreary Life
Diamond Joe
The Cowboy's Soliloquy
Old Paint Medley: I Ride An Old Paint/Horse With A Union Label/Goodbye Old Paint
Keepers of the Code
Palm-Leaf Lid
The Lost Lonesome High
The Glitterbus
Pop Reed
The Great Escape

City Boys (2004, out of print)

Tribe of the Forty and Found
Wild Buckaroo
City Boys
Mustang Gray
Jamie Raeborn's Farewell
Dreams Drive the Brazos
Bronco Bill's Lament
More Pretty Girls
Dust and Horns
Ye Objects of Sense/Song of Texas
Girl from the North Country
Roving Gambler