Sponsors and supporters of Andy Hedges and the Cowboy Crossroads podcast! Click the images below to visit their websites.

Jayson Jones Bits & Spurs - handmade spurs from Nogal, New Mexico.

National Ranching Heritage Center - Lubbock, Texas

Michael Pardue Silversmith - handmade buckles from Midland, Texas.

Flint Custom Hats - handmade hats from Lubbock, Texas.

Republic Boot Company - handmade boots from Houston, Texas.

Shooting Star Saddlery - handmade leather goods from Niarada, Montana.

Ear Trumpet Labs - handmade microphones from Portland, Oregon.

Baxendale Harmony Conversions - Beautifully rebuilt USA-made Harmony guitars from Athens, Georgia.

Lame Horse Instruments - handmade guitars and banjos from Mansfield, Texas.