Cowboy Crossroads Podcast with Andy Hedges
On each episode, Andy interviews a different guest and asks them to share stories and discuss music, poetry, and culture from the working cowboy West and beyond.

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Episode 41: John Dofflemyer

Show Summary 

Fifth-generation California rancher and poet John Dofflemyer talks about growing up on his family ranch, poetry, his first trip to Elko, Dry Crik Review, endangered species, and more.  


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Episode 38: Joel Nelson (Part 2)


Photo by Kent Reeves


Show Summary

Part 2 of the interview with NEA Fellow and poet Joel Nelson. In this episode, Joel talks about his lifelong journey into poetry from his earliest…

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Episode 37: Joel Nelson (Part 1)

Photo by Kent Reeves.


Show Summary

NEA National Heritage Fellow and poet Joel Nelson recalls his childhood memories, how he ended up in Alpine, Texas, and his early days as a working cowboy on…

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Episode 33: Wally McRae

Cowboy poet and rancher Wally McRae talks with Andy about his father and grandfather, the story behind his poem "Reincarnation", the influence of theater on his work, and his friendship with Paul Zarzyski.

Episode 32: John Erickson

Hank the Cowdog author John Erickson talks about his deep ranching roots, the inspiration for Hank the Cowdog, sense of place, and the oral tradition of storytelling.

Episode 24: Rod Taylor

Photo by Martin Schreiber.

New Mexico cowpuncher and musician Rod Taylor talks about the beginnings of his cowboy career, being a camp man, roping a buffalo, acting in a Toyota commercial, and his friendship with cowboy…

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Episode 23: Hal Cannon

Photo by Betty Rodgers

Folklorist and musician Hal Cannon talks about growing up in the Salt Lake City folk scene, the founding of the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, and the influence of tradition.

Episode 22: Mike Beck (Part 2)

Mike Beck returns in part 2 of his interview and speaks with passion on the Dorrance brothers, horses, music, and plays a song from the California coast.

All episodes recorded, edited, and produced by Andy Hedges.

Theme music: Texas Traveler by Hal Cannon.