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Episode 73: Linda Davis

Fourth-generation rancher Linda Davis talks about growing up on the Tequesquite Ranch in the 1930s, becoming a part of the Bell Ranch cowboy crew as a 5 year old, and spending her life on the historic CS Ranch…

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Episode 72: Dale Burson

Rancher and musician Dale Burson talks about his deep ranching roots, his love of the ranching lifestyle, playing music with his kids, the cowboy code, and the rich musical traditions of the Texas panhandle.


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Episode 71: Buster Welch

Photo by Jay Dusard. 

Legendary cutting horse trainer Buster Welch talks about his family history and childhood in Sterling City, Texas, leavinghome at 14 to work for the Proctor Ranch in Midland, Texas, and shares stories and…

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Episode 70: Red Steagall

Texas cowboy poet and songwriter Red Steagall stops by Cowboy Crossroads to talk about growing up in the Texas panhandle, his songwriting career, his rodeo album For All Our Cowboy Friends, writing cowboy poetry, his experiences on the…

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Episode 69: Andy Wilkinson



Andy Wilkinson returns to Cowboy Crossroads to talk about the Llano Estacado, Waylon Jennings, Buck Ramsey, and the creative process. He also reads excerpts from his upcoming memoir, Llanero: a boyhood on the 360-of-the-180.


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Episode 68: Michael Stevens

Photo by Amanda Chance.


Singer, songwriter, and guitar builder Michael Stevens talks about growing up in the Ohio horse culture, the guitar scene in Berkeley, California, building Junior Brown's guit-steel, and remembers his cowboy father. 


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Episode 67: Warner Glenn (Part 2)

Photo of Warner Glenn and Kelly Kimbro by Jay Dusard. 


Part two with rancher and mountain lion hunter Warner Glenn. Warner talks about the importance of being a steward of the land, the Malpai Borderlands Group…

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Episode 66: Warner Glenn (Part 1)

Photo of Wendy and Warner Glenn by Jay Dusard. 


Rancher and mountain lion hunter Warner Glenn talks about his family coming to Arizona from Texas in 1896 and shares about his experiences hunting lions in the…

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Episode 65: Jay Dusard

Photo by Scott Baxter. 

Photographer and writer Jay Dusard discusses his work to chronicle cowboy culture in his book The North American Cowboy: A Portrait. Along the way he tells stories about Warner Glenn, Russell Lee, Ian…

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Episode 64: Baxter Black (Part 2)

Part two with cowboy poet and humorist Baxter Black. On this episode Baxter talks about cowboy poetry, how he got on National Public Radio, appearing on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, his poem Legacy of a Rodeo…

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Episode 63: Baxter Black (Part 1)


Photo by Kevin Martini-Fuller

Cowboy poet and former large animal veterinarian Baxter Black talks about his childhood, his decision to go to veterinary school, working for the Simplot Livestock Company, his three requirements for the poetry…

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Episode 62: Teresa Jordan

Photo by Jessica Lifland.

Teresa Jordan shares about growing up on a Wyoming ranch, the family economy of ranching, the neglected voices of women in the American West, and reads excerpts from her book Riding the White Horse…

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Episode 60: Brenn Hill

Photo by Melissa Mondo.

Utah songwriter Brenn Hill talks about his passion for the Intermountain West, working with Ian Tyson in the studio, the support of the cowboy poetry community, his songwriting process, and plays a brand new…

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Episode 59: Gary Morton

Photo by Bank Langmore, Bell Ranch, circa 1975.

New Mexico cowboy artist Gary Morton talks about his early days on the Bell Ranch, the responsibilities of a camp man and a wagon boss on a ranch, his journey…

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Episode 58: Ramblin' Jack Elliott

Photo by Kevin Martini-Fuller


The legendary Ramblin' Jack Elliott returns to Cowboy Crossroads and rambles about Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, the Newport Folk Festival, Mississippi John Hurt, Jack Kerouac, songs, guitars, Leadbelly, and much more.


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Episode 57: Henry Real Bird

Photo by Jessica Lifland. 

Montana poet laureate Henry Real Bird shares about growing up on the Crow Reservation, the history of the Crow Tribe, and the power of poetry and thought.

Episode 56: Elana James

Hot Club of Cowtown's Elana James stops by Cowboy Crossroads to talk about her classical training, her Western swing influences, working with Bob Dylan, wrangling horses in Montana, and interpreting traditional music. Don't miss the fiddle tune at the…

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Episode 55: Myrtis Dightman

Myrtis Dightman talks about being the first black cowboy to compete at the National Finals Rodeo in 1964 and shares stories from a lifetime in rodeo. Special guests Pipp Gillette and Waddie Mitchell also share stories and thoughts about…

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Episode 54: Remembering Gail Gardner

Photo of Gail Gardner, used with permission.

Singer/songwriter and working cowboy Gail Steiger shares stories and memories about his grandfather Gail Gardner. Gail Gardner is one of the classic cowboy poets and he is best known for writing…

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All episodes recorded, edited, and produced by Andy Hedges.

Theme music: Texas Traveler by Hal Cannon.